Global eCommerce & Special Logistics

we communicate not just inform
we offer value not just pricing
we deliver results not promises
we provide solutions not standard services
…and we listen.
Honesty and hardwork are
our core values.

“Always deliver more than expected.” —Larry Page, Google co-founder

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In the world of international commerce, everything revolves around timely and efficient logistics. Commerce without logistics is like a vehicle without an engine. If the main components do not work as intended, all processes suddenly stop. Freight Solved is a full service Global eCommerce and Special Logistics Provider that is experienced and responsive.


We are especially strong in Latin America where we have had a presence for over three decades. We consider personal service and guidance to our customers to be the key factors in our service offerings. We always think in terms of solutions with added value, so you can concentrate on your core business and not worry about the details. We make commerce work for you.

           Inventory, Warehousing & Fulfillment through our subsidiary:         



Be it Surface, Air or Ocean, we've got you covered with integrated solutions to fit every budget and need. More than three decades in the shipping industry provides for a unique perspective based on the compounded knowledge acquired through the years. 


Through our subsidiary "PARCEL SOLVED", we can provide Warehousing & Inventory Services as well as Order Picking and Domestic Shipping.


We will not try and have your needs conform to one of our standard shipping solutions. We recognize that although many needs can be met utilizing these out-of-the-box products, some require creative solutions. We provide a competitive advantage by leveraging our negotiated low carrier rates that provides for better pricing, have many scheduled flights that allow for the lowest possible cost and long-standing agent relationships abroad to make sure every job is done with the highest level of service.